Essential Fall Driving Tips

September 28, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Wet leaves, fog, sun glare and frost are a few driving hazards you may encounter this fall, but there are steps drivers can take to help make their commutes safer.

As leaves begin to fall, wet leaves on the roadway can be as slippery as ice. They also can obscure traffic lines and other pavement markings, making driving in unfamiliar areas particularly difficult. Motorists should slow down and use extra caution on leaf-covered roadways.

Other fall hazards for motorists can be fog and sun glare. When driving in fog, motorists should use low beam headlights since the high beam setting creates glare and reduces visibility. Not only will headlights enhance visibility of your vehicle, state law requires headlights be on when wipers are in use.

Sun glare can be most problematic during sunrise and sunset, which coincide with morning and evening rush hours. The intense glare from the sun on the horizon can blind a driver, causing an unexpected traffic slowdown. Drivers can prepare for the glare by keeping a set of sunglasses handy, removing clutter from their sun visors and keeping the inside of their vehicle’s windshield clean.

Also, morning frost and icy spots on the road can also cause problems as overnight temperatures drop toward freezing. Motorists should pay particular attention to bridges, overpasses and shaded areas on roadways where icy spots can form on the pavement. In addition to exercising caution while driving, motorists should clear their vehicles’ windows of frost before travel.

Here are 4 essential fall driving tips:

  1. Increase your following distance in severe weather, at dusk and dawn and when in an area with wet leaves. If you are being tailgated, let the other driver pass.
  2. Check your vehicle’s headlights, taillights and turn signals to ensure they are working properly since darkness will be a part of many driver’s morning and/or evening commutes. Make sure you turn on your headlights as the sunlight fades.
  3. Have your vehicle’s heating and wiper systems checked to ensure they are working properly.
  4. Be sure you have tires with sufficient tread depth in case of an early season snow.

Fall Leaves are Beautiful but Slippery when Wet.

We all know that it is peak fall foliage season and that means plenty of extra leaves on the roadway. Leaves on the roadway may not seem like much of a big deal, but once you mix them with water it can cause major problems. Leaves plus water plus hard braking equals bad news. With the combination of all these things it can be unforgivable and comparable to braking on ice. When you see a roadway full of leaves and it may be raining, just remember to brake early and brake easily.

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