Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Verdicts & Settlements

The caring and compassionate personal injury lawyer team at Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck have vast experience in getting the most advantageous verdicts and settlements for our clients. While we know it won't heal your heart or your wounds, a personal injury lawyer can help you get the justice you deserve. So when the unthinkable happens, call an expert Milwaukee personal injury lawyer and let us get to work for you.



  • Auto accident with severe leg injury: $1.1 million.
  • Pedestrian struck by car: $1.05 million.
  • Semi-truck accident: $550,000.
  • Rear-end accident with permanent injuries: $150,000.
  • Child struck by vehicle in parking lot: $225,000.
  • Attorney from Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck resolved a case involving a child struck by a school bus: $430,000.
  • Child that darted into traffic struck by drunk driver: $185,000.
  • Vehicle struck in fast food drive thru: $68,000.
  • A client of The Law Offices of Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck, whose car was struck by a semi- trailer truck, received $168,000.
  • A young man who was severely injured in an automobile accident was awarded $150,000, the full limit of the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, and received an additional $10,000 paid personally by the driver.
  • A motorist sustained a broken wrist when another car failed to stop for a red light. She needed surgery to repair the injury. This client received $70,000.
  • An intoxicated motorcyclist, who was injured when another driver failed to yield, received the policy limits of $50,000 and the subrogated insurance companies did not share in this money.
  • A child riding on a city bus with her mother sustained a facial laceration when the bus was struck by a motorist failing to yield. The child received $45,000, and the money was structured to provide tax-free growth in value and guaranteed future payments when she goes to college.
  • A child received burns to the face and arms from an airbag in a car accident and the family incurred medical bills of $2,300. The Law Offices of Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck structured the award so that the child will receive a total of $17,500 by age 21.
  • A man received over $500,000 for a serious spine injury despite the fact that the rear-end accident resulted in very little damage to his vehicle. Before a lawsuit was filed, the insurance company only offered $50,000.


  • The wife of a man killed when a semi-trailer truck made a sudden lane change without signaling, forcing his vehicle off the freeway, received $2.25 million. The result included not only maximum compensation for the loss of her husband, but also the value of all future wages and benefits he would have received during his expected work life.
  • The parents of two children killed when their mother’s vehicle was struck by a drunk driver received $2.4 million. That included not only maximum compensation for the loss of both children, but significant award damages for the mother since she was present at the time of the accident.
  • A surviving widow and her three children received $1.76 million in a wrongful death case arising from a truck accident.
  • A semi-trailer truck driver drove over a vehicle, instantly killing all four occupants, while bending over to reach for more peanuts. The Law Offices of Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck represented the adult son survivors of two passengers and successfully obtained separate awards of $300,000 for each client (all up-front money). In addition, the insurance company paid the medical liens, funeral and all out-of-pocket expenses.
  • The mother of a child struck and killed by a school bus received the largest award in Wisconsin history for the wrongful death of a child. This result was obtained without a lawsuit needing to be filed.


  • A woman was injured when her daughter’s toy malfunctioned and struck her in the eye. She sustained permanent vision impairment. The toy was recalled and the company was fined by the CPSC. A products liability claim was pursued and this client received $95,000.
  • A woman received severe burns on her hand when a defective stove in her apartment caused frying pan grease to spill on her body. The apartment owner claimed that the victim herself was at fault. The Law Offices of Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck persuaded the apartment owner’s insurance company to agree to $85,000.
  • A factory worker received $75,000 for a psychological reaction to a back injury. In a contested hearing a client received $75,000 for a work-related back injury.
  • A client was awarded $40,000 on behalf of her two young daughters for injuries they sustained when running into the front door of their apartment building. The girls’ hands went through the plate glass window panes when they braced themselves to stop. The insurance company offered no money, denying liability, but an expert witness brought in by The Law Offices of Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck helped convince a mediator that negligence existed.
  • A woman sustained a broken leg when she slipped on ice at her daughter’s apartment complex. She received $30,000 without the need for filing a lawsuit.
  • Dog mauling by pit bull: $100,000.
  • Defective Farm Equipment resulting in permanent injury: $1.1 million.