Dealing with an Uninsured Motorist in Wisconsin

You've been hurt in a car accident. What's worse? the driver that was at fault doesn't have insurance. You know the medical bills and the damage to your car are going to be more than you can afford out-of-pocket and your insurance company has decided not to cover all of the costs.

What do you do?

What Happens When a Motorist is Uninsured?

Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you are injured in an accident as a result of the actions of another driver who does not have insurance. Your compensation comes from your own insurance company. Sometimes however, your insurance company may not be willing to pay all that you believe you are entitled to. In those cases it makes sense to talk to an attorney experienced in these matters. Consult with a personal injury lawyer who can help you understand whether or not you should receive additional compensation, and who can help you get everything you deserve.

Handling Uninsured Motorist Cases

If you have reason to believe that the driver who hit you is uninsured, you should contact an attorney from Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck, who specialize in personal injury and uninsured motorist claims.  

Unfortunately, when a person doesn’t have car insurance, they typically don’t have money to cover the cost of an accident, either. And when it seems the worst has happened and your provider won’t cover your expenses, contact one of the lawyers at Jacobson, Schrinsky & Houck. Suing the uninsured motorist will likely yield no money however you can sue your insurance provider if you cannot agree on a settlement amount.

In general, an uninsured motorist claim progresses in the same way as a regular car accident claim, except that the claim is against your own insurance company. Your insurance company will act as if they are insuring the other driver.  It is an adversarial relationship. There will be an investigation of the circumstances of the accident, witness statements will be taken, and your attorney will prepare and submit a demand to the insurance company once you have finished your medical treatment. 

Some car insurance policies place strict deadlines on their insureds when it comes to notification of potential uninsured motorist claims. Don’t delay. The deadline could be as brief as 30 days. If the other driver tells you that he/she does not have car insurance, or, if he/she refuses to give you any insurance information, and you can’t get the insurance information in any other manner, we can help you file an uninsured driver claim against your insurer.

Your insurance company will have the right to pursue the uninsured driver who caused the accident and can recover every penny they pay you for your injuries and damages.  Making an uninsured motorist claim should not cause your insurance premium to increase.

Contact Us for Uninsured Motorist Assistance

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