5 Tips for Driving Through Standing Water

May 27, 2020 - 3 minutes read

With the excessive amount of rain the Milwaukee area has been experiencing there are many areas that have standing water in our roadways.

It’s never a good idea to drive on flooded roadways even when you’re caught unexpectedly in the middle of a trip. If you encounter floodwaters on the road ahead, turn around if at all possible.

Why it’s not a good Idea to drive through standing water

When water rushes over a street it can hide dips, debris and roads that have been washed away entirely. It’s not the road you know no matter how many times you’ve driven it. Six inches of water is enough to hit the bottom of most passenger cars, flooding the exhaust and leaving you immobile.

5 Tips for Driving Through Standing Water

Driving through water should always be avoided. If you absolutely must drive over a water-logged road follow the best practices below.

  1. Drive Down the Center – What part of the road is the safest to drive on during flood conditions? Forget about lanes and drive down the center. The water tends to be most shallow at the center of the road.
  2. Take Turns With Other Cars – Creating a single lane behind other drivers is safer than passing by and splashing water onto passing vehicles. The vehicle in front of you can help move water out of the way so you have a little better traction. Plus, stress is already running high when the roads are wet, there’s no need to add extra frustration to the mix by blasting past people.
  3. Only Cross When the Water is Extremely Shallow – Only one and a half inches of water at any speed can cause you to lose control – badly. Never try and cross water that rises above the center of your wheels. That includes puddles.
  4. Drive Slowly – The last thing you want to do is drive fast over watery roads. If you do have to cross water on the road enter at 1-2mph then drive at 3-4mph to avoid engine flooding.
  5. Dry Your Brakes – Once you get through the water you don’t want to spin out. You can dry your brakes after moving through water by braking lightly while driving very slowly.

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